Marlena Witkowska-Rypina (MWR),  

Born in 1965.
A graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. She practises drawing and painting.

The author of individual exhibitions and a participant of collective exhibitions. Works in collections and private collections at home and abroad. She is a member of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers.

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Selected individual and group exhibitions, plein-air workshops, festivals

ie (individual exhibition),

ge (group exhibition)

2022. Syros 2021 post-exhibition, Cultural Center, Przemyśl, Poland (ge)
Nationwide Painting Biennale Architectural Landscape, Olsztyn, Poland (ge) 
Gallery of ZPAP Toruń District – Annals 2020/21, Toruń, Poland (ge) 
. Art Festival Stargard’22, Stargard, Poland (ge)
2022. Exhibition Hall of the Municipal Cultural Centre “Portraits of the Cities”, Aleksandrów Kujawski, Poland (ie)
2022. Kamienica 59 Association Gallery “Portraits of the Cities”, Łódź, Poland (ie)
2022. Janusz Peter Regional Museum Syros 2021, Tomaszow Lubelski, Poland (ge)
2022. Gallery 108 Stargard Cultural Centre “Portraits of Cities”, Stargard, Poland (ie)
2022. Gallery Pryzmat ZPAP Krakow District Syros 2021, Krakow, Poland (ie)
2022. Metamorphoses Gallery “Portraits of Cities”, Warsaw, Poland (ie)
2021. Gallery of Muses, Artus Court Culture Centre “Portraits of Cities”, Toruń, Poland (ie)    
2021. Gallery of ZPAP Toruń District “Work of the Year ZPAP Toruń – Annals 2020/21”, Toruń, Poland (ge) 
Second Prize in the Competition Work of the Year ZPAP Toruń – Annals 2020/21 for the painting from the cycle Portraits of Cities ” Paris I – Pont Royal 
2021. Painting Plein-Air Syros’2021, Greece
2021. XXII Nationwide Painting Plein-Air “Encounter with Art”. Damroka Training and Recreation Centre, Łeba, Poland
2020. Syros 2019 Pryzmat Gallery of ZPAP Krakow District, Krakow, Poland (ge)
2020. Gallery of ZPAP Torun District Annals of ZPAP Torun 2019/20, Torun, Poland (ge)
2020 International Project – Visual Arts Symposium ‘In 100th Anniversary of the Miracle on the Wisla River’, Plein-Air Painting, Brzeźno Palace, Poland
2020 Painting Plein-Air of the Community Centre for Culture, Sports and Recreation, XVth Anniversary of the Painting Plein-Air, Nadbużańskie Spotkania ze Sztuką, Mielnik upon Bug River, Poland
2020 Painting Plein-Air, 100th anniversary of the Miracle on the Wisla River, Willa Tradycja, Łeba, Poland
2020. Plein-Air Painting “In 100 – anniversary of Warsaw Battle”, Prudnik Culltural Centre, Prudnik, Poland
2019. Gallery of ZPAP Toruń District Annals Works 2018/19, Toruń, Poland (ge)
2019. Plein-Air painting Syros’2019, Greece
2019. 5th Kujawy Painting Plein-Air ‘Wild River’, Nieszawa, Poland
2019. the Gallery of the ZPAP of the Toruń District Annals Works 2017/18, Toruń, Poland (ge)
2018. Gallery ZPAP Gdańsk District ‘Niepodległa dla Niepodległej’, Toruń-Gdańsk 2018, Gdańsk, Poland (ge)
2008. Post Gallery, Polish Post ‘Painting Drawings’, Bydgoszcz, Poland (ie)
2008. Aula Gallery, Białe-Błota Cultural Centre “Jubilee Exhibition”, Białe Błota, Poland (ge)
2006. Aula Gallery, Białe-Błota Cultural Centre “Artists from Biale Błota Municipality”, Białe Błota, Poland (ge)
2005. Plama’s Gallery Szubin Community Centre “Drawing and Painting”, Szubin, Poland (ie)
2005. Nakło Gallery Exhibition of Szubin Group of Artists, Nakło, Poland (ge)
2005. Municipal House of Culture Gallery in Barcin, Painting, Barcin, Poland (ie)
2004. Kantorek Gallery, Painting, Bydgoszcz, Poland (ie)
2004. Aula Municipal Cultural Centre Gallery, Polish-German Art Exhibition, Białe Błota, Poland (ge)
2004. Elbmarsh Gallery, Polish-German Art Exhibition, Elbmarsh, Germany (ge)
2003. Węgliszek Gallery Municipal Cultural Centre Painting, Bydgoszcz, Poland (ie)
2002. ‘Exhibition Showroom’ Municipal Cultural Center Painting, Aleksandrów Kujawski, Poland (ie)
2002. Arsenal Painting Gallery, Torun, Poland (ge)
2001. Northern Room Gallery Stargard Cultural Centre Painting Exhibition, Stargard, Poland (ge)
1997. National Plein-Air Painting Municipal and Communal Cultural Centre, Bieżuń, Poland